Teppich. Zürich. Vintage Kilim, nomadic saddlebag. Handgewebter  Herki Tasche, Teppich, Kelim. Laden, Zürich. www.kilimmesoftly.ch

Kilim with Cicim, saddlebag

Earth tones, deep blue and some pink and turquoise details


This is a Kurdish saddlebag from the Herki tribe. Two panels were roughly sewn together to create a little Kilim. This piece is sturdy and has a rustic groove, but the finely woven details make it precious.


SALE PRICE: CHF 350.- ( instead of 500.-)

COUNTRY: Turkey, Hakkari

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Mid 20th century

MATERIALS: Kilim and Cicim; wool

CONDITION: Good, roughly sewn, clean

WIDTH: 100 cm

LENGTH: 110 cm