Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antique embroidery,  Greek Island , textile antique. antique and nomad rug. tapis et kilims nomades, Zurich Suisse,

Antique greek island embroidery

Mostly beige, blue, red and purple


A fine silk on linen Greek Island embroidery, with ottoman influences, several sections pieced together, some gold(-ish) and silver(-ish) threads in the middle floral section, in a prayer niche design. The scraps of embroidered textiles used in constructing these types of textiles are often much older, some as old as 16th-17th century.


PRICE: CHF 500.-


DATE OF PRODUCTION: Mid to late 19th century

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Linen, silk, metal-thread

CONDITION: good but used 

WIDTH: 50 cm

LENGTH: 88 cm