Vintage Berber rug Azilal kaufen in Zürich, Teppiche in zürich,

A wide collection of vintage, semi-antique and antique kilims from Turkey, Georgia, Persia, Morocco, Daghestan
and Karabagh.

Check out our Tuareg Mat selection: beautiful nomadic artefacts from the Sahara.

Modern handcrafted kilim rug made in Egypte by Kiliim.

An eclectic choice of vintage, semi-antique
and antique rugs from Morocco, Caucasus and Karabagh.

Antiken Textilien in Zürich kaufen, antiquen textiles, Zurich, kelim Zurich, Teppich Zürich

A choice of small textiles from all over the world: pillow cases, tapestry, bedcovers.

All you need to color up your home.

"Kilim me softly" brings exclusive tribal rugs and kilims to your home.