As a graphic designer and avid traveler, I have been in love with the woven beauties of the Orient for some time now. These pieces of art are a visual and colorful wonder, but what makes them so special are the secrets they hold. Each rug has a story to tell and therefore a very special identity. Step by step I got to know the world of carpets and after extensive travels to Turkey, Morocco and Georgia I decided to present my own collection. I have a preference for "freely" designed pieces in which the weaver creatively incorporates her/his own ideas. 

These textiles were mostly created for personal use, with the artisan weaving a tiny part of her/his soul into each one. Some may be well worn and seemingly fragile, but all have still retained their vibrancy and vitality to this day. 

Owning a non-commercial rug is something very special. These pieces of art are only ever ours for the moment. They usually have a long history and will continue to exist and travel the world long after us. 

Today these beautiful, highly treasured rugs and their perfect imperfections bring warmth and style to every home.

Marlyse Flückiger for Kilim me softly

To see the rugs: generally from Thursday to Saturday, by appointment, at Wasserwerkstrasse 104 in center Zurich, (Letten).

Get in touch with kilimmesoftly to buy or see pieces of the collection. We can arrange a viewing for you in Zurich.
Or we can send you more pictures. If you live in Switzerland you have the possibility to try some pieces
directly in your home to be sure of their effect in your environment.  

If you have a special request and are looking for a special piece, we can help you to find it, please just contact us.

The conditions are specified for all products. Please be aware that they are used and not new, as all the pieces of the collection are vintage, semi-antique or antique. Age and provenance are given as indication.

All pictures are not free of rights.