Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antique Reyhanli Kilim, Adana Kilim, Aleppo Kilim, Antique Reyhanli Kelim, Adana Kelim, Aleppo Kelim

Large Antique Reyhanli Kilim

Absolutely remarquable colours palette: 
atural ivory, berry, ochre, green and blue-green, deep blue and a all over "gold" shine


Beautiful ivory borders with abstract meandering vine-scrolls frame rows of flowers fields. This exceptional, very finely woven, all vegetal dyes kilim may come from the Armenian folk living in the east of Turkey before 1900. These kind of pieces are oft described as coming from Reyhanli region. Perfect condition. Collector‘s piece.




DATE OF PRODUCTION: Late 19th century

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Wool and cotton, natural dyes

CONDITION: Good, clean

WIDTH: 142 cm

LENGTH: 361 cm