Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Sileh Kelim, antique and nomad rug, tapis et kilims nomades, Dragon Soumak,  Zurich Suisse,

Semi-Antique Sileh Dragon Soumak

Multicolours, with dominancy of light red/rose, navy blue and ivory 


Finely woven Eastern Caucasian kilim in soumak technic, with 5 (instead of the usual 4) rows of large indigo and white S, called Dragon Soumak, or Sileh.

Wool on wool foundation. Originally woven in two strips and joined, as with all Sileh carpets; but only the half of this one made his way to us. Vegetal dyes. Collector‘s piece.




COUNTRY: Azerbaijan

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Late 19th century

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Hand-woven; wool 

CONDITION: Good, but traces of aging and usage

WIDTH: 102 cm

LENGTH: 290 cm