Teppich. Zürich. Vintage anatolian Kilim, probably a Shivrihisar. Handgewebter Teppich, Kelim aus Turkey.

Vintage Kilim

Very elegant Anatolian kilim, probably
a Shivrihisar, in particularly soft tones


Finely woven Anatolian kilim with shiny wool, in shades of old rose, burgundy, mint and light mauve. This piece is truly magnificent, with its delicate color harmony and sophisticated traditional elibelinde
(motherhood and fertility) motifs. This is probably not the original size.


COUNTRY: Turkey, Anatolia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Mid 20th century

MATERIALS: Hand-woven flatweave (kilim); wool

CONDITION: Very good for its age, clean

WIDTH: 180 cm

LENGTH: 190 cm