Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antique Uzbek Kilim, Antik Uzbek Kelim. Ghudjeri. Tapis et kilims nomades.  Zurich Suisse,

Antique Uzbek Ghudjeri Jajim

Elegant repetition of red, deep safran and black and white


Special unique weaving product of Central Asia composed of narrow bands of warp faced weave, sewn together.

Very fine wool and vegetal dyes.

Some small garlands of colorful pompons  still animate the kilim.


COUNTRY: Uzbekistan

DATE OF PRODUCTION: approximately 1900

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Hand-woven; wool 

CONDITION: Good, repaired spot on the bottom side and traces of aging and usage

WIDTH: 130 cm

LENGTH: 268 cm