Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Karaman Maras, Anatolia. Tapis et kilims nomades. Sofreh nomade d'Iran.  Zurich Suisse,

Semi-antique Kilim

Wonderful natural dyes: deep red, blue green and eggplant tones, and fine goldish threads in the embroideries, to add value and lustre to the kilim


It is an original nomadic hand-woven piece, from Kahraman Maras region, weaved in two techniques: kilim and sumak. The soft power of its natural colors (cochineal, madder), and the delicacy of its embroideries make it a piece of exceptional elegance with a very fine weaving and embroidery.



COUNTRY: Turkey, South East Anatolia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early 20th century

MATERIALS: Hand-woven flatweave, wool and cotton

CONDITION: Good, very well preserved

WIDTH: 106 cm

LENGTH: 170 cm