Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antique Fethiye Kilim. Tapis et kilims nomades. Zürich, Schweiz,

Semi-Antique Fethiye Kilim

Predominantly red, white and blue, with a few hints of pink, brown and green


Rare and large marriage kilim from South West Anatolia, with a typical design: a large plain central field in red color, here with an embroidered diamond, decorated at each end with much more ornated panels. This kilim was woven by nomad/rural folks in the Fethiye region and were used to carry the bride's dowry gifts in the wedding procession on a camel or horse from her village to that of the groom.


PRICE: CHF 1500.-

COUNTRY: Turkey, Anatolia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early 20th century 

MATERIALS: Hand-woven flatweave, wool


WIDTH: 155 cm

LENGTH: 305 cm