Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antique Antep Kilim. Tapis et kilims nomades. Zürich, Schweiz,

Large Antique Antep Cicim

The plain flat woven strips are predominantly blue, red and yellow, but a multitude of colors are embroidered on top.


Brocaded flat weaves from Antep (former Gaziantep) in sumak technique. Two panels sewn together, thick and heavy big sized kilim. This is a nomadic kilim, who has been elaborately embroidered with subtle patterns to demonstrate the weaver's tribal affiliation, a great amount of work has been done here. This is a rare piece.


PRICE: CHF 1000.-

COUNTRY: Turkey, South East Anatolia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early 20th century

MATERIALS: Hand-woven flatweave, wool


WIDTH: 132 cm or less

LENGTH: 414 cm