Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Obruk Kilim. Tapis et kilims nomades. Zürich, Schweiz,

Semi-Antique Cicim

Deep red, with blue, orange, white and numerous other colors


Handwoven on wooden loom and embroidered in sumak technique by the Yürük nomads near Adana. This is a two-part cicim whose designs are made by embroidery during weaving. Red-ground with large rectangles filled with crosses and diamond rows. This cicim is simply radiant with these beautiful colors and its impeccable condition.


COUNTRY: Turkey, South Anatolia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Mid 20th century

MATERIALS: Hand-woven flatweave, wool and cotton

CONDITION: Good, very well preserved

WIDTH: 140 cm

LENGTH: 234 cm