Teppich. Zürich. Antique Karakecili Kilim, wool. Handgewebter Teppich, antik Kelim. Laden, Zürich, Suisse.

Large antique Karakecili kilim

Very rare, deep natural colours; a range of blues from emerald to cobalt, plum, saffron, cognac and raspberry


Beautiful antique kilim. The exceptional colours and motifs show the great talent of the weaver. This elaborate piece will move every beholder or collector. Very finely woven, in very good condition for its age, absolute rarity. not suitable for very highly frequented area



COUNTRY: Turkey, Karakecili

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Late 19th century

MATERIALS: Hand-woven kilim; wool

CONDITION: Good for is age, some little damages, the embroidered details are partially worn

WIDTH: 172 cm

LENGTH: 290 cm