Nomadic Kilim. Konya. Hotamis. Antiken nomaden Kelim und Teppiche Zürich. Anatolian antik Kelim.

Semi-Antique Kilim

Deep berry and garnet red dominance, with vibrant blue and khaki green


Beautifully drawn village Hotamis Kilim with numbers of delicate motifs in elegant all naturals colours. This is a rare piece in big size, maybe kept in a chest for years. Great details (like the different border design), and quiet harmony for this exceptional Kilim.



PRICE: 3400.-

COUNTRY: Turkey, Konya Hotamis

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early 20th century


CONDITION: Good but delicate, not suitable for very highly frequented area, clean  

WIDTH: 148/155 cm

LENGTH: 340 cm