Kilim. Daghestan Kuba. Nomade Kelim und Teppiche Zürich. Kaukasisch antik Kelim. Tapis Caucase.

Large Daghestan or Kuba Kilim

Special light rose and purple, light green and blue on a brown base


This impressive big sized Kilim seems to show a typical but not common design from the Kuba region. It has an eccentric „totemic“ appearance that makes it special. The colour palette is as well very particular, smooth and poetic. An intriguing piece, dated (but later erased) as 1955 production, including some other inscriptions.



PRICE: 2600.-

COUNTRY: Azerbaijan, Caucasus

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Mid 20th century


CONDITION: Good, clean, some work has been done to erase the woven date and inscription, little fold in the middle of the piece

WIDTH: 165 cm

LENGTH: 340 cm