Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Mafrash Kelim semi-antik Shahsavan, semi-antique and nomad rug, tapis et kilims nomades, Mafrash kilim Shahshavan, rose, vert. Zurich Suisse,

Complet Mafrash Kilim

Very attractive range of colours: fresh and bright, but still decent, from pink to green apple on a black base and with a naturel beige ground.


This is a semi-antique Shahsavan mafrash transport bag. The main part is in slit weave and the bottom in plain weave. In very good condition. This refined bag shows us all the sophistication that the nomadic people use to put into daily objects. Today these bags make striking small tables or ottomans when up-ended over a small piece of furniture.



COUNTRY: Caucase/North East Persia

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early 20th century

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Hand-woven; wool 

CONDITION: Good, clean

WIDTH: 50 cm

DEPTH: 47 cm

LENGTH: 99 cm