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Sewan, Kazak rug

Red, blue and an interesting opal blue-green, green and ivory hand-knotted rug


The Sewan Kazaks have been made near the lake Sewan, some refer to theses as “Shield” Kazaks because of the shape of the typical central medallion. It strikes an ideal balance between order and creativity. The field is embellished with numerous protective motifs and evocative animal figures. The spectacular opal green turning into field green and the sea blue appearing through the deep blue add visual charm to this highly collectible tribal rug. The two original borders are finely plaited.


COUNTRY: Central Caucasus

DATE OF PRODUCTION: End of 19th century

TECHNIQUE/MATERIALS: Hand-knotted rug; wool, all natural dyed colours

CONDITION: Good, original borders, low pile due to the old age, some small invisible renovations but otherwise very well preserved for its age, clean 

WIDTH: 170 cm

LENGTH: 262 cm