Kelim Teppich. Zürich. Antikes Seidentuch aus India, Phulkari bagh, soie, textile antique. India ceremony cloth. antique and nomad rug. tapis et kilims nomades, Zurich Suisse, Silk

Vintage Phulkari

Predominant marigold color, with mauve, pink, green and white touch


Beautiful Bagh Phulkari, traditional silk floss embroidery on woven cotton in vibrant marigold color. The directional embroidery creates a distinctive play with light. Created by the family as a canopy for the bride, used at the wedding and throughout life at other family ceremonies. 


PRICE: CHF 850.-

COUNTRY: India, Punjab

DATE OF PRODUCTION: Early to mid 20th century


CONDITION: In perfect condition

WIDTH: 130 cm

LENGTH: 226,5 cm